Aloe cryptopoda

Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae   

Nome Comum: Geelaalwyn

Sinonímia científica:
Aloe wickensii, Aloe wickensii var. lutea

Fria Resistência Zona: 9a     Ver o Reino Unido e os mapas zona EUA

Aloe cryptopoda conhecimento

Stemless, densely leaved rosette. Leaves are smooth and greyish-green in colour, narrow and oblong in shape, leaf-margins are armed with small and sharp teeth that is reddish-brown in colour. Inflorescence is branched into 3 to 8 racemes, racemes sre 200mm to 400mm in length.

Informações Gerais:
Aloe cryptopoda has 3 colour varieties, namely uniform red, uniform yellow or bicoloured. Flowers are 30mm-40mm in length, tubular in shape and slightly upturned at the mouth.


Nativo para, South Africa, Zimbabwe

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