Araucaria rulei

Family: Araucariaceae   

Nome Comum: Nenhum conhecido

Sinonímia científica:
Araucaria van-geertii, Araucaria goldieana, Araucaria rulei var. compacta, Araucaria rulei var. polymorpha

Fria Resistência Zona: 9b     Ver o Reino Unido e os mapas zona EUA

Araucaria rulei conhecimento

Informações Gerais:
Tree growing up to 30 meters tall. Its characteristic candelabra form and silver bark give the species a distinctive appearance. However, it is sometimes mistaken for A. muelleri. It grows on lateritic soil at an altitude of 400 m to more than 1000 meters in evergreen rainforest. Mining exploitation and fire, have lead to a deline in this species and it is now the subject of conservation concern. IUCN conservation Red List status: Endangered.


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